Jackie…My New Personal Trainer

I went into the gym today… you know…to bust my ass, and asked about the cost of a personal trainer… I know I can’t get competition ready by myself. The guy asked what I’d be training for and I told him how serious I am about training for fitness model competitions. He told me that one of the gym’s trainers was a fitness model, just six weeks out from her next competition. I was then introduced to Jackie, the most beautiful, most fit woman I’ve ever seen in person. I mean her body is BAD!! As in the good Bad!  I was shocked to find out that she was 45. 45?!?! The woman that stood before me looked younger than me! I was sold before she even started talking! She seemed to be very serious and passionate about what she does. She told me ” if you’re not going to put your all into it, don’t even waste your time or mine. I will let you go quick if I see that you’re not serious. She was firm, yet friendly! I liked that. So needless to say, I’m getting a personal trainer! I’m even more amped up than I was yesterday. I can just smell the sweet scent of those roses they’re going to hand me when I win 1st place!


I love taking pictures. Not just of myself, but of those I know and love. I embrace life. I grab life by the horns (I’m a Taurus, hehe) and ride it for what it’s worth. I love to have fun, sing and dance and laugh and love! I’m just me….simply me.



Simply Me

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So I’ve Decided to Be A Fitness Model…

English: Fitness Model posing with dumbell. Ph...

English: Fitness Model posing with dumbell. Photo by Glenn Francis of http://www.PacificProDigital.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a little girl,  I wanted to be a famous actress when I grew up. When I grew up, I simply wanted to make money so that I could buy the things I need and wanted, but still in my heart, I wanted to be an actress. I did small gigs here and there, but nothing serious. Later I said to myself, “Self, you’re cute enough to be a model!”. So I tried that only to get ripped off from somebody selling me a dream. Discouraged, I gave up on that and started focusing on a “normal” career, like sales and marketing. I went to the office setting everyday mad…mad because I really didn’t want to be there…because still…in my heart…. I wanted to be an actress.

After moving to Dallas, I decided to just focus on finishing my marketing degree program. If I’m going to do this thing, I may as well make “real” money doing it. Near the very end of completing school, I auditioned for a role in an independent film, and I got the part. I am still in the process of this gig as we speak, waiting for production to begin.

I currently have my B.A. in Marketing, diligently looking for work. My family could really use the money right now. It’s getting pretty tight with just my husband’s income. I hate sitting still…. so while waiting for employment, I joined a gym. Yes a gym. May as well get sexy while I’m unemployed, right? With my membership, I received a free personal trainer session. He claimed to have taken it easy on me since I hadn’t worked out in so long and just gave birth 10 months ago, but I think he was lying! I was dying! So I asked him, how long do you think it’ll take me to get to where I want to be and he said, “Honestly, for you to have JUST had a baby and for you to have not worked out in years, you look damn good… so you are working with great genetics. If you bust your ass, I can see you winning fitness competitions in 3 months or less”. His words hit me….hard. I kept hearing his voice in my head during the drive home. As soon as I got home, I Googled fitness competitions in Texas. What I found out was enough to convince me that this is what I should and WILL do.

You don’t have to be a certain height, a certain weight (can’t be fat, though), you don’t even have to be beautiful to be a fitness model. You just have to be healthy and fit! As a fitness model, you have the opportunity to grace the cover of fitness magazines, ads for nutritional supplements, and get tons of exposure. It’s not acting…it’s not the kind of modeling I envisioned myself doing, but it opens the door for all of that and then some. Plus being healthy is a requirement, something that helps a person live a lot longer. I need that in my life.

Right now I’m 118 lbs, have natural muscle tone in my back, arms, and thighs. But I am out of shape, undefined, and due having two babies, my belly is not at all appealing. Luckily I have no ugly stretch marks to go along with that. So I’m not  too far from my goal, but still I have to do like my trainer said and “bust my ass”.

With a meal and workout plan on hand, I am ready to take this bull by the horns and ride it for all its got.

Here, I am…on the road to fitness model status….